Tuesday, November 26, 2013

friggin' from now on.

see gull
he climbed up a fire escape.
she followed him up the fire escape.
she imagines herself climbing up this fire escape, for an infinite amount of time. she’s ready to start her new life, climbing up a fire escape behind him.
during the rest of her life, she closed her eyes and imagined staring up at a seagull. she was alone, standing on a dock, the water was still and humming, the horizon was flat, everything seemed inactive. she could smell the static.
she reached up to the seagull and asked, ‘can you take me with you?”
the seagull told her, ‘I want to fly around the docks. I have no place to go.’
she told the seagull about her irrational fear of drowning.
the seagull told her, ‘there isn’t anywhere else to go but down.’
she felt like a champion amongst seagulls.
he stopped climbing and she stopped behind him.
he turned around.
he told her he felt like a seagull that was flying around the docks with no place to go.

she told him to keep climbing.

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