Saturday, December 5, 2015


if you happen to have a schedule for your life and can't listen to a college radio station on thursdays from 1-2, please feel free to download my first radio show that ACTUALLY WENT ON AIR REGARDLESS OF SOME VERY OBVIOUS MISTAKES! AND SOME OF THE JOKES DON'T EVEN  TRANSLATE VERY WELL AT ALL! THERE ARE EVEN COMMERCIAL BREAKS PROMOTING COLLEGE EVENTS I DON'T CARE EVEN A LITTLE BIT ABOUT! HAVE YOU EVER EVEN SEEN 'INCEPTION'?

(it's a free file serving site so it looks counterfeit but don't be scared to download the file)

it's my first and it's rough. regardless...

it's eggsiting.


owls - everyone is my friend
sebadoh - not a friend
kleenex girl wonder - friends
eric's trip - now a friend
sonic youth - my friend goo
the velvet underground - she's my best friend
archers of loaf - floating friends

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