Wednesday, October 9, 2013

no big friggin' deal

'wait...what?' gets maximum baja blastage and is in bed by 10 pm.

on september blahblahblah, i held a reading at taco bell.

8 beautiful babies.
10 baja blasts.
12 airplane sized bottles of rum.

this. is. what. happened.

(turn up for lizzy&joseph&demonicbear)

here's some more good friggin' baby stuff from the friggin' babies

-amy saul-zerby

is not forgetting
all the stupid fucking inside jokes
you made up together
the second worst part
is everything else.

-no glykon


As part of a bare, unsubstantial reality near priced-out, annihilated, fenced-off blocks of red earth waiting for development, while slowly walking the ghostly, numberless, all-embracing maze of alleys and streets, dirt and gravel and pavement, in abandoned, idle obscurity, standing inside a whispered, formless instance, thinking enormous, hazy thoughts of all the thoughts that could be outside her perspective, she gazes at her feet.

-unisa asokan
'A psychological thriller based on a dream of a film about vampires that soak blood through their skins in baths of blood, a concert promoter who is possessed by the devil, a stripper haunted by her own reality, and and other demons who interact in a web of the web while engaging the reader to listen'

-joseph green

You take the long odds
on a featherweight with
smooth ears
and bad teeth
from South Texas
because you read him say something about
in some 
sporting journal
and when he goes down 
in the eighth 
you don’t feel cheated because
it doesn't change a thing
about what he said
and really
that’s all you were betting on

to begin with

lizzy yzzil


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