Monday, October 14, 2013

no frig biggin' deal




The couch smelled weird.

‘I mean, does everyone have to smoke weed to ‘deal with it?’'

‘I like smoking weed because it’s making me stupid.’

‘The idea of making yourself stupid on purpose is funny.’

Air is weird.

‘I feel like a joke someone made about Eddie Vedder writing ‘pro-life’ on his arm on MTV.’

‘I wonder if anybody else thinks it’s funny that i’m smoking weed at 6:57 am, in my car, on the way to work, in the same way that I do.’

‘I guess ‘I hate myself’ is a funny joke.’

The car smelled weird.

‘Weed makes me feel awkward in a way that if I didn’t feel awkward, I would feel weird for not feeling awkward.’

‘Is it funny that I’m always uncomfortable? I think that’s funny.

‘I think it’s funny to not care about anything.

‘Is it fucked up that I don’t want any children?’

Kids are fucked up.

‘I want to give my parents a million dollars.’

‘Would that make them happy?’

I want to be a window.

‘Is everything weird when you smoke weed?’

'‘Is everything weed?’ is funny.’

‘Everything is weird right?’



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